Review Policy

I want to start off saying Thank You for considering me to review your book!  After all that is probably why you made your way to this page.  Currently I am open for review requests! I prefer physical copies of books, but that is not a set in stone request on my part. Books can either by ARCs or completed novels.

Genres that I read:

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • Middle Grade
  • Mystery
  • Dystopian 
*Occasionally I'll pick up Sci-fi and Nonfiction, but this is based the subject of the book

Where my reviews end up:

  • Here on Bookish Whispers
  • Twitter via @_sullybear_
  • Pintrest 
  • Goodreads 
I won't guarantee that I'll accept requests that come in.  It depends on the plot interests me.  I'm open to hear form authors who are self publishing as long as it's in a genre above.  Also, I'm not the world's fastest reader, but I promise to make the book a priority. All reviews will be honest whether I enjoyed the book or not, but I promise to never blast a book that did not like.  I will mention the good along with whatever may not have worked for me.  

As for my reviews they will include:
  • A star rating 
  • Cover the book
  • Author's name
  • Publishing Date
  • Genre 
  • Series Name (if there is one)
  • What I liked about the book
  • Favorite moments
  • What I didn't like
  • My opinion on whether readers of Bookish Whispers should buy/burrow/skip

If after reading this you want to conntact me about reading your book, awesome! I can be reached at, no matter my answer to your request I promise to return your email!  

Thanks for your interest and time!

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