Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Rating System

5 Stars - Absolutely loved this book.  I could not put it down, and I've probably pushed it onto my all of my friends read.  Probably even the ones who don't.  I own this book and will probably re-read it.

4 Stars - I enjoyed the book, the characters, and the plot. Definitely have recommended it to people.  Any issues with book were small and didn't pull away from the plot. 

3 Stars - It was a good book that I've probably recommended it to certain people.  There were a lot of really good parts to this book, and some not so good parts. I enjoyed it but it probably won't stay on my shelf.

2 Stars - The book was okay. There were a few things I really enjoyed about the book, and I've probably put it on a couple of people's to read list.  Isn't one I'll every come back to read.

1 Star - This one I struggled to finish.  In fact I probably put it down more than I picked it up, and really had to force myself to finish because there was probably one, or two things, that have kept me going.  There was lot I felt didn't work for me in the story. Most likely will not recommend it.

DNF (Did Not Finish) - It's rare for me to give out this rating, but every so often I just get a book that I dread picking up.  I have tried and I just cannot connect with book. 

Personally, I hate when I cannot connect with any book.  I'd love to be in love with every single book I ready it, but I know that's just not the case.  The reviews I post here will be my personal opinions on the books I read.  Does that mean I'm right, well no.  That's why I'm going to post them here, because even if I didn't enjoy the book, or even finish it, doesn't mean someone else won't enjoy it.  So no matter what rating a give a book in the end, I will post it here for better or worse.  There's been a few books I've really enjoyed with a slew of low ratings.  You really never know until you try!

**Big thanks to Google Images for these stars.  They do not belong to me.

Oh, Hello!

My name is Kayla and this here is my book blog.  Well, it's actually my second.  Last summer I dipped my toe into the book blogging world via BookLikes.com. There I'm known as My Book Life, and it's been a great year getting the feel for having a blog.  For the last few months I've been going back and forth on whether or not to use my Blogger account to finally expand.  As you can see, I finally made my mind.  It's taken me a few weeks to figure out how I wanted Bookish Whispers to look and figure out how to do my own coding for everything.  One of the upsides to using Book Likes is a lot of that was done for me. Which was great, but I was ready for space that I could create just for me.

So Bookish Whispers was created.  A name that came from a late night staying up with friends as they helped me think of a name.  I don't even remember which one of us said it first, but once it was out there it felt right.  Because that's what books do to me.  The whisper for me to read them, to explore their world with them, and to live a thousand lives.

All of which I hope to share with everyone who come across Bookish Whispers.  More than anything I want to share my love with books with people.  Reading is my one of my fiercest passions, besides writing.  In fact it was my love of reading that made me want to become an author myself.  To create my own world, with my own heroes and villains.  Mind the type of things I scribble have changed as I've grown, but the passion to see my own book in print is still there.

I want to say this blog will be have a bit of something for everyone, because I'm kind of an eclectic with what I read.  The only types of books I don't really ever pick up are romance novels, they just aren't my cup of tea.  Everything else is fair game and depends on my mood.  Though, I ready a lot of murder mystery type books.  Those have always been my favorite, especially set in Victorian London.

Yeah, I'm a Sherlockian.  We can blame my mother, she was the one to introduce me to Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson.  Since then I've never looked back.

When it comes to what I want Bookish Whispers to be like, I have a lot of ideas: Book Hauls (because I clearly have a problem), Reviews, Most Anticipated books every months, all sorts of book news and bookish things, Library Hauls (again a problem), etc.  The start of having my own space might be a little rocky as I find my rhythm, but I'm excited to open Bookish Whispers to the internet and join the bookish side of the internet.

I'm all over on Social Media, so feel free to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads.  Welcome to Bookish Whispers and I hope you follow!  I'd love to share my favorite, and maybe not so favorite, books with you.