Friday, March 23, 2018

The Magic Misfits #1 - Review

Author: Neil Patrick Harris
Genre: Middle Grade
Format: Hardback
Pages: 256

When street magician Carter runs away, he never expects to find friends and magic in a sleepy New England town. But like any good trick, things change instantly as greedy B.B. Bosso and his crew of crooked carnies arrive to steal anything and everything they can get their sticky fingers on.

After a fateful encounter with the local purveyor of illusion, Dante Vernon, Carter teams up with five other like-minded kids. Together, using both teamwork and magic, they'll set out to save the town of Mineral Wells from Bosso's villainous clutches. These six Magic Misfits will soon discover adventure, friendship, and their own self-worth in this delightful new series.

Oh my gosh! I'm a little upset with myself that I put this book off last years. How cute was that?! To be fair I honestly wasn't sure I'd like. Yes, I'm a rather big fan of Neil Patrick Harris, but that doesn't mean I'd like his writing style. It also doesn't mean that I'd like this story. Sometimes Middle Grade book are just too young for me. Which is fine, that actually mean for readers who've finally hit their dirty 30's.

But, it's good to be wrong.

The Magic Misfits is super adorable. Carter is an amazing main character with such a good attitude and super smart. The rest of the cast are just as sharp and fun to read. I couldn't help but hope everything worked over the Magic Misfits as they slowly came together. To see Carter find a bit of what he was looking for, and a bit of what he wasn't.

Mineral Wells is a cute little small town that reminded me home. So it was fun to see it through Carter's eyes after years of going from one big city to the next. I'm pretty sure Ridley is my spirit animal. She's wicked smart and not quick to trust. Though loyal to no end and doesn't let being in a wheel chair slow her down at all. In fact all the young characters were strong in their own way that a lot of kids could easily relate to.

It's a book I could see being read aloud at night before bedtime, be read under a blanket fort, or anywhere really. For me it was easy to hear Neil Patrick Harris reading it after years of watching him on TV.

The story was solid and easy to get sucked into. In fact this was suppose to be my bus books, but let's be honest...that didn't happen. I'd start it on the bus, read it on break, and then read it between whatever I had to do at the house. Despite knowing it had to happy a ending. I couldn't wait to see how it all tied together. How the Magic Misfits defeat the bad guy and if Carter was staying in Mineral Wells.

For the best part was the small interludes where kids can learn magic tricks. A break from the story to teach the readers that they could do the tricks they'd just seen the characters themselves do. It's definitely a book I'll passing on to some of the younger readers in my life.

Buy, Borrow, or Skip: For the kid in your life, or just in heart, I say buy. It's a fun, and quick, read that will make you smile.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Illuminae Files Book Event

This last Monday I was able to hear Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff talk about their series the Illuminae Files. The last book in the trilogy, Obisidio, came out just two weeks and I haven't had the time to start it yet. I know... I know... My flatmate has already read it and what stop bugging me about it. But, sometimes work just gets in the way of my reading time. 

However, thanks to my GM I was able to squeeze in just in time for the see them talk about how this series came to life, and what this series has allowed them to do. It was also exciting to hear they will be writing another series together. While Obsidio is in the end of this series, I'm glad both Kaufman and Kristoff will be writing together again. These books have been so much fun to read and I'm obsessed. And, not just because of the format these books are written in. I love the world they've created and the characters.

Most of all I love AIDEN! 

I was a little late jumping on this bandwagon. Books with as much hype as the first book Illuminae  received always makes me nervous in case it isn't something I enjoyed. Plus, the Sci-Fi Genre is always a little hit or miss with me. But, really this series lives up to the love it receives.

As the night went on it was easy to which parts of each book came from which author, but also how well they worked together. I'm also super lucky to have a co-author on things I'm writing, and It's sort of comforting knowing just because the two of us have no idea if we'll ever publish what we're writing, it can be down. And, we can stay friends through it with some amazing stories to share along the way.

Of course I took them some cupcakes from where I work. After all we have some pretty awesome galaxy cupcakes with seemed more than fitting. A perk of working where I do and an easy way to thank them for not only coming out to talk about one of my favorite series, but they signed so many books and took time to talk to everyone. 

So now I'm off to bury my head in Obsidio and eat my feelings. Because we all know I'm not emotionally prepared for the next 600+ pages of this book. Thank goodness I still have a box of Jelly Slugs left... I'm gonna need those


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Can't Wait Wednesday

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings to spotlight and talk about the books we're excited about what we have yet to read. Generally they are books that have yet to be released, but don't have to be. It is based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous at Breaking the Spine. 

Release Date: April 10, 2018
Author: Amanda Foody
Genre: YA / Fantasy
Pages: 400

Enne Salta was raised as a proper young lady, and no lady would willingly visit New Reynes, the so-called City of Sin. But when her mother goes missing, Enne must leave her finishing school—and her reputation—behind to follow her mother’s trail to the city where no one survives uncorrupted.

Frightened and alone, her only lead is a name: Levi Glaisyer. Unfortunately, Levi is not the gentleman she expected—he’s a street lord and a con man. Levi is also only one payment away from cleaning up a rapidly unraveling investment scam, so he doesn't have time to investigate a woman leading a dangerous double life. Enne's offer of compensation, however, could be the solution to all his problems. 

Why I'm Waiting:  The plot is pulling at me. I love a good story about a conman, and who doesn't love a good Vegas crime novel!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme started by the Broke and the Bookishbut is not run by That Artsy Reader Girl.  Each week they chose a new meme and bloggers pick their Top Ten Books, TV Shows, Movies, etc that fit that theme. This week the theme is: Spring TBR!

  1. They Lost Their Heads! by Carlyn Beccia
  2. LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff
  3. Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

  1. Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake
  2. Game of Secrets by Kim Foster
  3. Noir by Christopher Moore

  1. Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen
  2. CatStronauts: Robot Rescue by Drew Brockington
  3. The Outsider by Stephen King

  1. Warlight by Michael Ondaatje

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Silver - Review

Author: Stephen Franck
Genre: Graphic Novel
Format: Paperback
Pages: 180

Expanding Bram Stoker’s original universe fifty years hence, into the pulp era of the 1930’s, SILVER introduces James Finnigan, a witty but (figuratively) soulless con man, who sets out to separate the living-dead from their precious silver.
Personality conflicts, emotional entanglements and character comedy abound, as Finnigan assembles the crew of talented but broken misfits needed to pull off the heist of the last ten centuries.

I discovered this Graphic Novel last year at Emerald City Comic-Con and fell in love. Silly me I didn't pick up both Volume 1 and 2. Mostly because I wasn't sure how I'd like a continuation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's hands down one of my favorite of the Classics and I've been disappointed one too many times with re-tellings and continuations.  

Sometimes it's good to be wrong. This year I not only picked up the last two installments to this story, but the prequel as well! 

What I like most about this series is quite a few years have passed since Dracula ended and starts Silver Volume 1. It's given the world time to forget what happened in London, to forget about the Van Helsing name, and that vampires exist. So it's a whole new world to jump into before short of going back time when we finally get to the vampires.

Another thing I enjoyed is who the story is about. Silver doesn't follow about Abraham Van Helsing's kin, she's just another part of the story. A part of the team Finnigan put together to go after the Silver Dragon. In fact the whole story is told through his POV and I really enjoyed that. Mostly because I'm not the biggest fan of Sledge. I get it she's a Van Helsing so that means she's had a pretty horrid childhood. But, ugh...really?! 

I adore James Finnigan. He's everything a love about good Noir novel. That slick, cool, bad guy that always has a trick up his sleeve, or some piece of the puzzle he just forgot to mention.

Oh, and the artwork! I love that it's all in black and white. It works because Silver is written in a Noir style despite having vampires inside story. So for me it works because it sort of pulls on that nostalgia of The Maltese Falcon and Dick Tracy.

I really liked this story and I'm super excite for Volume Four. Sadly there's not date for when that will be, but hopefully I won't have to wait a whole year! Because for as great as was to see how it all worked out, but dude?! Which one of those futures is true?! You can't just stop it there brah?! Like...

It's gonna be a long wait. Even with the prequel to keep me company.

Buy, Skip, or Borrow: Buy or Borrow. Which ever gets you to read this bad boy! If you like vampire, Noir, or just looking for something a little more bad guy and lost less good guy. This is for you!


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Can't Wait Wednesday

Can't Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Wishful Endings to spotlight and talk about the books we're excited about what we have yet to read. Generally they are books that have yet to be released, but don't have to be. It is based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous at Breaking the Spine. 

Release Date: April 3, 2018Author: Justina Ireland
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 464

Jane McKeene was born two days before the dead began to walk the battlefields of Gettysburg and Chancellorsville—derailing the War Between the States and changing America forever. In this new nation, safety for all depends on the work of a few, and laws like the Native and Negro Reeducation Act require certain children attend combat schools to learn to put down the dead. But there are also opportunities—and Jane is studying to become an Attendant, trained in both weaponry and etiquette to protect the well-to-do. It’s a chance for a better life for Negro girls like Jane. After all, not even being the daughter of a wealthy white Southern woman could save her from society’s expectations.

Why I'm Waiting: Everything about this books ticks of boxes of things I love. So I'm really excited to get my hands on this book!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Series: Illuminae Files
Authors: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
Pages: 624

Kady, Ezra, Hanna, and Nik narrowly escaped with their lives from the attacks on Heimdall station and now find themselves crammed with 2,000 refugees on the container ship, Mao. With the jump station destroyed and their resources scarce, the only option is to return to Kerenza—but who knows what they'll find seven months after the invasion? 

Meanwhile, Kady's cousin, Asha, survived the initial BeiTech assault and has joined Kerenza's ragtag underground resistance. When Rhys—an old flame from Asha's past—reappears on Kerenza, the two find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict. 

With time running out, a final battle will be waged on land and in space, heroes will fall, and hearts will be broken.

I am so not emotionally ready for this book! But, I'm so excited to go pick up my copy later today. I will most likely read past my bedtime until I finish it. This is one of my most Anticipated Books of 2018.