Rating System

5 Stars - Absolutely loved this book.  I could not put it down, and I've probably pushed it onto my all of my friends read.  Probably even the ones who don't.  I own this book and will probably re-read it.

4 Stars - I enjoyed the book, the characters, and the plot. Definitely have recommended it to people.  Any issues with book were small and didn't pull away from the plot. 

3 Stars - It was a good book that I've probably recommended it to certain people.  There were a lot of really good parts to this book, and some not so good parts. I enjoyed it but it probably won't stay on my shelf.

2 Stars - The book was okay. There were a few things I really enjoyed about the book, and I've probably put it on a couple of people's to read list.  Isn't one I'll every come back to read.

1 Star - This one I struggled to finish.  In fact I probably put it down more than I picked it up, and really had to force myself to finish because there was probably one, or two things, that have kept me going.  There was lot I felt didn't work for me in the story. Most likely will not recommend it.

DNF (Did Not Finish) - It's rare for me to give out this rating, but every so often I just get a book that I dread picking up.  I have tried and I just cannot connect with book. 

Personally, I hate when I cannot connect with any book.  I'd love to be in love with every single book I ready it, but I know that's just not the case.  The reviews I post here will be my personal opinions on the books I read.  Does that mean I'm right, well no.  That's why I'm going to post them here, because even if I didn't enjoy the book, or even finish it, doesn't mean someone else won't enjoy it.  So no matter what rating a give a book in the end, I will post it here for better or worse.  There's been a few books I've really enjoyed with a slew of low ratings.  You really never know until you try!

**Big thanks to Google Images for these stars.  They do not belong to me.

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