Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Wrap Up

October was the month of distractions!  I had big plans for this month, but unfortunately I got pretty sick at the start of the month. At first I thought it was just the cold everyone at work was passing around, but somehow I ended up a lot sicker than everyone else. The stomach flu is no joke. If it wasn't for Dewey's 24 Hour Readaton I probably wouldn't have gotten any reading done. Now I'm in the full swing of getting ready to move into my new place.  I'm super excited for my move.  I have this weird anxiety about driving places and right now I have to commute to work.  Soon that will no longer be a problem.  Which means reading time on the bus!!  Now on to the stats:

I got to meet Alton Brown!!  This event has been one of most anticipated events of this year.  Only followed by Newsies and getting see Noel Fieldling doing his thing.  It was a hilarious event of Alton Brown telling the best stories about his book and about what's coming.  On a whim a brought cupcakes from out shop to give to Alton when he signed by books. Oddly enough I wasn't the only with this thought.  Another women brought him something and gave it to him while he was still talking to the crowd.  He then asked if anyone else had brought ice cream and I put my hand in the air.  It was cool to get to tell him about some of the work the decorators and bakers do at my shop.  Even cooler to see him devour an entire cupcake.  Definitely the highlight of 2016. Now to try some of his recipes!

The second even this year was from an author I just recently discovered thanks to Goodreads.  Some how Brom has never come across my radar before, but with his new book Lost Gods just released he was suddenly there.  He writes in more of a Gothic genre and his books seemed right up my alley.  I put a whole of bunch of his stuff on hold at the library.  Only to realize he'd be doing a talk at my local book seller.  So I bought his book Krampus to read this Christmas, because that's what I do.  Plus, I picked up his new book.  After hearing him speak I not only added a couple of his other books to my TBR, but I'm really excited to read his works.

Books Read: 4
Pages Read: 748
BINGO Book(s): 1 - A Movie
Favorite Book: The Woman in Black
Least Favorite Book: The Scarlet Women
DNF: The Women in the Walls

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween filled absolutely no clowns and all of the candy!  What was the best thing you guys read this month?!  

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