Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My Dream Reading Room - Discussion Post

My very first Discussion Post! One of my goals this year was to branch away from weekly memes and reviews. Which meant a Discussions Post. The problem has been I haven't had any idea on what to do or where to start. What better way than to start with my dream reading room/ library. Currently I've made a nest in my room/office that I curl up in with my cat to read when I have a spare afternoon, because it's the part my apartment that gets direct sunlight. But, this is a chance to share the space I'd create if money was no problem. 

I knew exactly the room I wanted to create!

I have a love for antiques. In fact when my Great Grandmother downsized and let all of us grand-kids go through what she couldn't put in the new place, I knew exactly what piece I wanted. For years my favorite thing was her old writing desk, and I was never allowed to play with it. Now it is one of my most prized possessions and it's in front of that window which gets all that sunshine when I sit down to write my own letters and work on my own stories.

So why did I tell you this story, because I was looking through the Arhaus website to create this Reading Room, I did it with that desk in mind. The desk with my Great Grandfather's edition of Ivenhoe and other books I found in my Great Grandmother's attic when she moved. I realized I didn't want a Beauty and the Beast library, because I was never a Princess movie girl. What I wanted was something out of Dick Tracy or Batman. Because on top of that desk next to the books is a lamp with a green shield that looks like something you'd find on a PI's desk in the Maltese Falcon. With that in mind I found the perfect pieces!

I imagine a loft above a bar or a restaurant. The writing desk would sit against the wall so I could lean back in my chair and look at the city, the traffic, and the people. Where I could watch the rain, because those rumors are true. It does rain here, a lot!

But how would the rest of the room look?

Lined with bookcases of course! It's not a Reading Room without books to fill it, but they can't just be any bookcases, because I'm a cat lady. Which means the Littlest Monster would be there with me. He gets that name because he gets into everything. So I'd want a bookcase that would be able to handle his rough treatment. Something kind of like this:
A pair of these lined against the back wall that the Little Monster and climb up and down. Where I can put his Hedwig pillow so he can look out that large window and watch the crows and pigeons fly by. Drawers for storage of all sorts of bookish things, and probably snacks. Every Reading Room needs snacks!!

Of course it also needs light because the sun out here doesn't always show itself, and in the winter we rarely see it at all. So I'd need lights and lamps to make sure I don't go blind reading, because I'm old school and don't have an ereader. All my books are physical copies. I love the feel of books, the smell, there's just something about it I can't get past and load my collection onto a Kindle. But, I digress. Lighting! I'd want ceiling lamps as well as desk lamps, and to keep with that Dick Tracy and Batman vibe, here's what I found:

So maybe I went a little Steampunk with those, but really they are awesome! I've always loved the idea of exposed lights that dangle from the ceiling. Ergo, they have made an appearance in the dream Reading Room. This means of course I need side tables for those lamps and a chair to go next to that side table. Also, I'll need a couch, for days I want to curl up with one of the blankets my Grandma made and read. Also maybe a coffee table so the Little Monster can do that creepy staring thing he does when I'm reading and not acknowledging his presence. Furniture that I feel would look something, if not exactly like this:

Now I know what some of you will say. There's no color?! Everything is so dark?! Correct. I've always leaned toward a darker color palate. So even when I spared no expense I didn't feel like straying from that factor. While this room is a dream Reading Room, it's my dream. Not that it'll matter once I settle down with a good book anyway. I'll be lost in whatever world I'm reading about this week. While the Little Monster chases birds he wouldn't know what to do with if he actually caught them. Surrounded by the books that made my childhood a little less lonely and inspired me to want to become an author myself!

A huge thank you to Arhuas.com where I found all of these amazing images and ideas. If you like anything you see, here is a few links to check out: light fixtures, tables, and sofas. They have so many different styles and selection for any dream, or even real, reading room. Even for those of you wanting something outside, they have some pretty amazing outdoor section, too. If only my own patio could have fire pit, that is the downside of third floor living.

But to everyone who stumbles onto this post, tell me about your dream Reading Room. Where would it be? What inspired it? What would it have to have to make it your's? Because my Reading Room wouldn't be mine with the Littlest Monster pushing my book away from my face so I can tell him how handsome he is.

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