Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Out Sick...

A thousand apologies for being so quite the last few days. What I thought was a cold from traveling, and extreme temperature change, turned into something gross.  I barely powered through work and a book event yesterday afternoon.  Even thinking about staring at computer screen made my hurt.  So I haven't been able to post the last couple of days, and I was already a bit behind from being away to see my family last week.

Finally after sleeping about ten hours last night, I feel a bit better.  I'm still kind of sound like I might be dying when I cough, but I can stand up with my brain feeling like it's being squeezed like a melon.  Also, I can breath through my nose.  Which is fantastic!!  So slowly I  plan on getting caught up before I go back to work.

I hope everyone had a better weekend, and those participating in Bout of Books 19 had a fantastic time.  My stats will be up soon as well as a review.  The weather man has promised warmer weather finally.  So I'm hoping to soak it up and blow through some books.  I have a lot of amazing things on my TBR since I left for vacation!!


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