Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Book Haul

My love for books and reading is something I get from the women in my family.  I have memories of being read to my my mother and grandmother when I was younger, and trips to the library were always a treat.  It's a passion that has stayed with me as I grew up.  I mean that's why I have the blog.  Though, my love for books has expanded far more than my mother, Aunt, and Mim had ever thought it was.  At the moment the length is one wall of my room and a steamer trunk.  However, it doesn't stop them from feeding my passion.  My mother is the best at looking at my book list and finding books I haven't even heard of before.  This year was no exception.  As for my Aunt, well she's my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my other passion, writing.  Her Christmas gift was the kick in the pants I needed to start writing again after nearly a year of having dozen of excuses to be doing something else.

 Goodread's Page Goodread's Page Goodread's Page Goodread's Page

If you click each image it'll take you their Goodread's page!  

While I'm excited about all of them, especially Roads of Last Resort because the author hails from my home state, I'm thinking I'm going to have to start with The Secret history of Twin Peaks.  Mostly because the mini-series is about hit television soon, but also because the show Twin Peaks is something a love because of my mom.  She's always been the one introduce to my weird and unexplained.  So it feels right to start with that one.  The others will all be sitting on top of my list at the start of 2017.  Especially, America's Forgotten History, because compilations are pretty much my favorite type of  Non-Fiction.

Anyone else get books for Christmas?  

Which ones are you most excited to crack open?

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