Saturday, July 9, 2016

Make Me Read It Readathon!

The day is finally here!  Today is the first day of the Make Me Read It Readathon by The Innocent Smiley and Tea & Titles.

A lot of people have cast their vote on what I am going to read for the next week and in what order.  My goal is of course to get through the entire list of books, but I do have to work throughout the week of this Readathon.  So thank you to everyone who voted!  Once I'm off work today I'll be excited to jump into my first read.  

This the first book off the shelf this week!  It was a close fight between This Monstrous Thing and The Summer Dragon.  By one vote this is the book that took the win!  So as soon as I'm free from work I'll finally crack this baby open!

It's really rare for me to read one book in a week, let alone try to read 5 between work and all my other stuff.  My hope is at least make it through the first two books!   

I cannot wait to see whatever everyone will be reading over the next few days, and I will keeping an eye out for the #MakeMeRead!  Good luck to everyone and I hope your books are wonderful! 

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