Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursdays - Portrait of Dorian Gray

Aw, Thursday, you are such an awkward day.  When most people are so close to their weekend and I'm stuck in the middle of my work week.  So close to a day off, yet so far away.  Upside it means it's Throwback time! So here's my #ThrowbackRead for the week and we might be going way back.

Publisher: Alma Books (Edition shown)
Originally Published: June 20th 1890
Author:  Oscar Wilde

Dorian Gray is having his picture painted by Basil Hallward, who is charmed by his looks. But when Sir Henry Wotton visits and seduces Dorian into the worship of youthful beauty with an intoxicating speech, Dorian makes a wish he will live to regret: that all the marks of age will now be reflected in the portrait rather than on Dorian’s own face. The stage is now set for a masterful tale about appearance, reality, art, life, truth, fiction, and the burden of conscience. Oscar Wilde’s only full-length novel is a lasting gem of sophisticated wit and playfulness, which brings together all the best elements of his talent in a reinterpretation of the Faustian myth.

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This is the only book by Oscar Wilde that I've read, and I'm pretty sure it's one of my favorite books.  I've seen every film and TV adaptation of this character, and I honestly don't know how many times I've read the book.  Enough that I know I'm in need of better copy than the one I have.  The Portrait of Dorian Gray was my introduction into Gothic Literature and I've been soaking it ever since.  So when someone asks me for a good and frightening book, I always tell them this one.  Because eleven years have passed since I first read this book and it still freaks me out.

What other good Gothic books should make my TBR?  Anything so good I should read it this fall when I'm in the mood for a spooky read?

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