Monday, August 8, 2016

Need some recommendations!

Okay, so for the last three years my best friend and I have played Book BINGO against one another.  It all started when I stumbled across a Pin, yes on Pintrest, about Random House Canada's Book BINGO.  I made the joke it for and the first to blackout gets a cupcake.  My best friend didn't hesitate to agree.  So now it's a thing we do.  Toward the end of December we sit down one night and talk about what squares we want to add, which to take away, or which to Keep. Then I use my mediocre graphic skills and fix our board.  

The rules are simple: for every BINGO each person wins a small prize (last year she cleaned out my car which is my least favorite chore) and the first to a blackout wins.

However the big prize is no longer a cupcake.  But only because I now work at a bakery that specializes in cupcakes.  So I'm around them all day, every day.  This year the winner picks a night out on the loser.  Basically dinner and a movie.

This year I'm calling in a little muscle.  I thought I'd give a shout out to the book community for a little help!  There are a few squares I can't seem to find any books that spark my interest.  So I was hoping some of you all could help me out and give me a little edge over my best friend.  Who by the way reads ten times faster than I do.  So I'm rarely head of her.

What I'll do is toss up my board so everyone can see where I'm at and a description of the square I need help with.  I read just about anything, except for Contemporary / Romance kind of books. Don't let my list limit you though.  If you have a book for any square I haven't marked off, I'll take it.  I never had enough books on my TBR!

Really I don't.

Currently Reading the 500+ Pages square
Story without a love triangle:
Book where the main character is a minority:
Book that was self published:
Book based in Russia (or a mythical land similar to):
Book based on a fairy tale:

I'm not picking if the book is Young Adult, Middle Grade, or Adult.  My reading habits are all based on what I'm in the mood for.  Mainstream books are welcome, as are any that are little off the beaten track.  Basically Goodreads and Google as sort of let me down with these squares in finding something that seems me, but maybe I just need to hear someone gush about something I was on the fence back.

So what does everyone have for me? 

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