Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour Master Post

I should have totally posted this sooner, but my plans slightly changed for the day.  Instead of little updated every few hours like some people are doing.  I though I'd make a Master Post and just update on thing today.  Part of me is always sad to see how people seem to read so quickly through books as I'm still mowing through my own tiny books, but I've long since accepted I'm a slow reader!  Whatever! Onward to the Master Post.

5 am to 7:30 am: Coffee pot was turned on and The Women in Black picked up.  I started from the beginning again, because I had set it down three days ago and yeah.  I've forgotten how the book starts compared to the movie.

8 am to 9 am: No reading done. Had a friend in town and we grabbed some breakfast as it was her last day visiting.

9 am: Finally back home to my cats and my comfy spot!  Also thoroughly creeped out now, cause yeah.  The Women is definitely creeper in the book.  Thanks for that Susan Hill!

3 pm: Just finished The Woman in Black, and immediately jumped into something happy. 2 graphic novels down, Invader Zim Vol. 2 and Howard the Duck Vol. 0. Not bad for hour 11!

3pm to 5:30 pm: I napped.  Didn't mean to, but I fell face first into my book and snoozed for a bit!

5:30pm to 9pm: Picked up 20th Century Ghost Story by Joe Hill.

9pm: Watching Dirk Gently!!  So should you be!! 

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