Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Horror October Week 2 Recap

The second week of October has come and gone.  I can't believe this month, let alone this year, is so close to being over!!  This week I finally got hit by the bug that has been floating around my work.  Which means I watched a lot of scary movies, but got very little reading done.  For three days this week I basically slept!  Upside though is Saturday is Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-thon and I can catch up.  More on that later.

  Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow is a favorite in my house during the beginning of Fall. While it hasn't made me jump in many years, I do enjoy the overall version of this Gothic Classic.  It's hard to hate with the line-up of amazing actors they cast.

Because one Tim Burton always seems to follow another, at least in this house.  We finished the night off with one of my personal favorites.  Always best to end the night of scary movies on a rather morbid, but hilarious note.

So this has been a re-watch for me this week while I was sick.  I do adore this series and was very sad to hear that the Third Season was the last.  However, I'm glad it at least ended on what I've heard is a really good, but most likely sad, note.  This re-watch has been fun because I've noticed things this time around that I didn't notice with the original watch.  As of tonight I'm half-way through Season Two.

I finally saw Ash get his chainsaw hand!! My roommate is the one to original introduce me the Evil Dead. Up until a few years ago I head no idea what is was, and when she found it she rented it.  Finally I've seen the second movie and we're waiting for the third to arrive at the library so I'm finally caught up to watch the TV Series.

On Friday, I finally managed to have the energy to more than blink on the couch.  I decided to pick up The Woman in Black.  I did the thing where of course I've seen the movie before reading the book.  Which made it a little hard to start, because of spoilers, but I've been reading it a chapter at time now that I'm back to work.  So for I'm enjoying it!

That was my week!  Mostly scary movies, but meh I was sick!  So if you want to see what everyone else is doing for Horror October, jump over here!

Anyone else getting excited for Halloween!  Reading or watching anything must see/read?!


  1. Ah, Sleepy Hollow! I love that movie! Corpse Bride is great too :D

    1. Netflix has a pretty wicked selection this year for Halloween! It's been equal parts exciting and distracting. :)