Friday, October 21, 2016

Dewey's 24-hour Read-A-Thon!

Holy crap! This post should have been way before this, but real life has this way of getting in the way of things like blogs, reading, and social calendars. Anyway! The time has come, and that time is tomorrow!  TOMORROW!  This will be my third time participating in Dewey's 24 Readathon. However, it will be my second year getting to have the whole entire day to read.  My boss was super amazing about helping work the schedule so I could have the whole day.  Hectic my job may be, but I'm blessed with a wonderful of crew people to work alongside.

Now, tomorrow!  This will be my first year with my very own blog with Dewey's.  So I'm not real sure what I'll even be doing!  I know we're taking a break around the 3 hours mark to go have breakfast and the coming straight back to read, and the snacks and a late lunch planned.  Which takes are of the important parts.

As for posting.  I'll get a second post up tomorrow about my goals, and throughout the day I'll try to keep that updated via my phone.  I might even try to grab a few giveaways this year.  Maybe even post some photos along the way as well.  Then hopefully on Sunday I'll get a wrap up set up after work!

It's not to late to sign-up and read!  Dewey's is super low stress.  Read the way you want and how you want!  Below I'll post a few links for those who cross this way that want to know more.   For those already in the running, leave me your blog and I'll make sure to take some time to cheer you along!!



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