Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon Recap

What a day!  Everyone in my house took part in the Readathon, and neither of managed to make is all the way until the end.  My roommate managed to make it to around 1 am.  I managed to make until a little after 2am.  Around that time I passed out inside my book.  Still I think we both managed to read about three books a piece and at least one BINGO book.

Currently Reading: 20th Century Ghosts
Books Finished: 3
Pages Read: 446
Hours Read: 18 hours

Don't worry if you missed this Readathon!  Dewey will be back April 2017.  Just keep an eye HERE!  How was ya'll's readathon?  What's the best thing you read?


  1. So cool! My roomates didn't express the interest to participate :P But they did ask me how it went :) I lasted till 7.30am and then crashed for a nap cause I looked like a zombie :O It was good fun tho! :D

    1. I lucked having a flatmate thay is an avid reader! But we had a good time reading to each other at the good parts! Glad it was a good day for you as well!