Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Wrap Up

What was this month?!

Have you ever had those days were you can't seem to get your feet underneath you, no matter how much running around you do?  A day were you never seem to get caught up despite the fact you don't stop moving?  That was my September.  Work was crazy because my staffing situation changed because of College classes starting back up.  I also lost one of my fulltime people.  This also means we are entering our busy season, which YAY! I love that we're busy again, but it also means I'm exhausted after work.

All of this means I've been terrible at keeping to any kind of reading schedule!  I wish I could blame it on a slump, or not having anything to read.  Both would be a lie.  Especially that last one.  Under no circumstances do I not have anything to read.  I have stacks of books.  Stacks on stacks if I'm honest.

So I read one actual book and a couple of graphic novels.  Which hey at least I read!  It just did very little for my TBR.  

I was lucky enough to be able to attend two book events at my local bookstores this month! Both events were my first time seeing both authors talk about their books. 

The first was to see Amy Stewart talk about the second book in the Knopp Sisters Series. I haven't yet picked up the first book, but I bought the paperback not long after it came out with the idea to pick it up.  It was really cool to hear about the research behind the Knoop Sisters (who really existed) and how she turned their lives into fiction.

The second event was to see Kendare Blake.  Now I have read Anna Dressed in Blood, and I loved it! So I've been super excited to pick up her new book.  In fact it's my next read!  Kendare was amazing. I'm glad I waited to pick this one up until after I heard her speak about it.  The event made me all the more exited to read it now I've heard about how it came to existence.  BEES! 

Books Read: 3
Pages Read: 576
BINGO Books(s): 0
Favorite Book: Lost Boy
Least Favorite Book: N/A


That was my Bookish month! I'm halfway through one book now, and then I'm picking up Three Dark Crowns.  I have a pretty good stack of creepy books to read this Fall.  It's my favorite season to read a good scary/creepy book.

So, how was everyone else's month?  Read anything good?  

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