Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bout of Books 7

Bout of Books 18

Last day of Bout!  I thought I'd get more reading done, because Sundays are pretty low brow over here.  Only it got a bit crazy at work when we lost power for a cool second.  However, I managed to read for a bit on the bus to and from work.  Which got me some funny looks when I got to a rather tense seen and started flipping pages aggressively to find out what happened just a little faster!  I hope everyone had a nice quiet Sunday and read some amazing books.  Tomorrow I'll sit down and do a small recap of the week.  Gemina is amazing and though I won't finish before Bout is over, I won't have much left!

Again today was a Free Day with no challenge. However, I did get to talk books with one of my front of house staff, which was cool.  I got to recommend her some new books, and she gave me a few titles I'm eager to check out.  Plus, I got to geek a bit with a younger customer over Harry Potter.  She was reading Chamber of Secrets for the first time.  That was a highlight!

Hope this was a great reading week for everyone in Bout of Books 18.  I can't wait to see what some of the favorite books for the week were!

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