Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bout of Books Day 4

Bout of Books 18

Day 3 is in the books! I'm officially halfway through Gemina and holy freaking monkeys.  I've seen a lot of reviews that say they preferred Illuminae over Gemina, but I think it's a solid sophomore novel.  I have a lot of positive feels about it that I can't wait to share via my review!

Of course a new day of Bout means a new challenge, which is Book Spine Poetry.  I almost didn't do this one, because as I was looking at my spines nothing was coming to me.  Poetry isn't exactly my strong suit.  However, after seeing a few other posts via Twitter I decided to go for it.  My Book Spine Poetry is a little on the darker side, but hey that's kind of me.  

Bonus look at my cats' toy box, and small peek of my wall books!  I apologize for the creepy, and not so good poem, but hey I tried.  I hope everyone finds time to get their read on today!  Only 3 days left!!

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