Thursday, January 5, 2017

Most Anticipated - January Edition

First pick of 2017!!  I had to do some thinking about this one over the last few days.  Normally I make a list of all the books I'm looking forward to, and pick the one I'm most likely to pick up first.  This month wasn't so easy.  Five books really stood out for me this month, but I honestly this one I think is the one I'm really excited for.  Sorry, Mr. Gaiman!!  Last year I was bad about keeping up with my TBR and things I was reading.  This year my goal is make sure my Most Anticipated is shoved in my monthly reading pile! So here we go!

Publisher: Algonquin Books
Release Date: January 10, 2017
Author: Susan Rivers
Genre: Historical Fiction
Series: Stand-Alone

“All I had known for certain when I came around the hen house that first evening in July and saw my husband trudging into the yard after lifetimes spent away from us, a borrowed bag in his hand and the shadow of grief on his face, was that he had to be protected at all costs from knowing what had happened in his absence. I did not believe he could survive it.”

Historical Fiction is a genre that I don't read enough, but enjoy reading. Especially stories based in the Civil War Era of the United States.  There was so much was going on in our country at the time.  Not just the war against the States.  So, I've already put The Second Mrs. Hockaday on hold at my library, #13 of 8, in order to start the year with good habits for the blog. 

As the first month of the new year rolls in, what is everyone else looking forward to??

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