Friday, January 6, 2017

Bout of Books Day 5

Bout of Books 18

Four days down and only three to go!  I hope everyone is having an amazing read-a-thon!! I'm finishing up on here then curling up in my nest with my cat and reading the evening away. Last night I stayed up way to late because I got sucked into Gemina.  I'm a little over halfway through at this point and everything is starting to come together and the hit the fan. Possible even explode.  I don't know!!

So the challenge for today is If You Like This, Try This.  For this I picked three favorites books that I haven't seen on a lot of blogs.  All three are favorite series of mine.

Both books are a High Fantasy Series with a lovable main character with questionable morals.

Both have kick-butt female roles with witty, and often put upon, best friends as sidekicks.

Happy reading guys!! Hope your weekend is filled with books!

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